Tuesday, October 4, 2011

We'll Do It Live!

I've launched a number of businesses over the past 10 years.  One thing I've learned as a result of each experience is that you're never 100% ready to go live.  You'll always find a reason to delay the launch.  Whether it's coming up with additional features (known as scope creep) or wasting countless days focusing on the most minor of details.  You can literally drive yourself crazy.

We're at that point right now.  We've spent the last few days agonizing over some minor details... most of which we can tweak at a later date.  

Are we where we plan to be?  Not even close. 
Are we good enough to start competing for market share?  Absolutely.

So with that being said... in my best Bill O'Reilly voice,  "We'll Do It Live!"
Without further ado I give you (insert drumbeat)... 

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