Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Look Inside

If you haven't completed our new Profile're missing out!   Here's a sneak peak at what your PROskore profile should look like once you've completed the tasks required to improve your score.  Some of the more obvious changes we've made to the new profile include (from left to right):

    1. Top Navigation - Now limited to two functions. a) Managing your PRO/skore  b) Searching and Connecting to other PRO's.

    2. Left Navigation - Profile Edit tools,  Inbox, etc.  Hint:  completing all of the Profile Edit tools will help your score.

    3. The PRO/skore - Get your number up.  It's the cornerstone to getting ranked high.

    4. PRO+ Member Button - Showcase your membership!

    5. Your PRO/skore graph - Compares your score to others in your region and globally.

    6. Content - No more tabs! Your company information, professional bio, videos... are all shown in a scrolling format.

    7. Recommendation Buttons - Other members can recommend you - Each recommendation helps your score.

    8. Larger Profile Pic - make sure you upload a quality head shot.

    9. Embedded Social Media - sync your other accounts, display more content - watch your score go up!

    10. Recommendations - view people who recommended you.

    Other items not shown on this particular profile include:  1). Profile Verification Badge (coming soon) - A badge for PRO+ members that validates your reputation across the entire Internet. 2). Your requests to hire/partner/connect to people based on skills and services you need.  3). Facebook and Twitter feeds (embedded widgets) - displaying the most recent content you have posted on those networks.  4). Connection Request / Send Message Buttons.  5). Advertisements - Yep.  No Ads!  We focus all of the attention squarely on you!

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  1. I'm curious how this change of domains will effect ranking on search engines. Fastpitchnetworking ranked well in yahoo but I will have to see how Proskore ranks. We'll see over the next few days.