Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Trending Nicely

With exactly three weeks under our belt, PROskore is trending nicely across most of the major metrics we're following.  Typical for a 'social network', we're relying heavily (if not entirely) on the viral tools we've built into the platform - all designed to encourage our users to help us spread the word through sharing, etc.  For PROskore to be a success, we'll need these three graphs (below) to continue trending upward.  Note: The red line indicates October 4th, the day of our official launch. All activity during pre-launch was our final testing phase (Beta).

1. New Profile Creates
This is the number of brand new users creating PROskore profiles for the very first time.

2. Logins
This is the number of existing profile users who log back into their profile to engage with the network (update profile, check inbox for leads, make connections, etc.).  
3. Profile Completions
This is the number of people who have completed our new Profile Wizard designed to help members improve their PROskore and generate new business leads.

Onward and upward...

Update:  PROskore was featured in TechCrunch this afternoon.  These graphs do not reflect the nice 'bounce' we received from the added publicity.  Stay tuned tomorrow (next blog post) to see how our updated graphs look.  It's impressive.

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