Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Secret Sauce

The buzz around the launch of PROskore has been intensifying here at the office as people have started creating their PROskore profiles for the first time.  You can already hear people talking 'smack' about having a higher score than others which is leading many to start asking the obvious question, "What determines my PROskore?"  

In short, we've created a highly intelligent algorithm that analyzes three major aspects of your professional life that goes well beyond just looking at how often you tweet or how many friends and relatives you have on Facebook.   The PROskore takes an in-depth look at the following:  1). Social Media - with an emphasis on your professional activity on LinkedIn (including connections and recommendations), Facebook Fan Pages (as opposed to just your personal profile), Twitter Influence, and more.  2). Professional Experiences - with a focus on where you went to college, degrees you've earned, past job experiences, job titles, etc.  3) PROskore Activity - where we look at who is recommending you, how many connections you are making (and to whom), frequency of logins (remember, this is a business network where you need to be engaged.  The cream rises to the top).  

In summary, the PROskore secret sauce includes: 

Outside Social Influence
LinkedIn Connections/Recommendations + Facebook Connections (including Fan Page Popularity) + Twitter Following + Klout Score, Blogging Activity, etc...

Activity on PROskore
Completeness of Profile + Connections Made + Recommendations Received (and by whom) + Content Analysis, Logins, etc...

Real World Experiences
Current and Past Work Experience + Educational Experiences + Overall Web Reputation / SEO, etc...

Note:  Each aspect of your score is weighted differently to determine your overall score.  So for example, just because you have a high Twitter Following (i.e. Klout score) doesn't necessarily earn you a ton of points with PROskore. Remember, your PROskore goes much deeper into your professional life than simply your outside social media influence.  Our algorithm helps bring an overall level of confidence and trust to to the entire PROskore network as people make decisions about who they should be connecting with in order to do business.
Stay tuned as we continue to reveal more about the secret sauce behind the PROskore.

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