Tuesday, October 25, 2011

PROskore: Where Everyone Gets In The Game

Although PROskore is only three weeks old as of today, people in the media are already comparing us to Klout- the company that measures influence by analyzing people's overall popularity on a variety of social networks, most notably Twitter.  The comparisons are warranted in the sense that both companies do attempt to measure influence and/or reputation through their own unique scoring system.  However, that's where the similarities end and the differences begin.  To keep things real simple (for now), I've decided to outline three major differences between PROskore and Klout.  
  1. PROskore profiles (all of them) have been created by people.  Each user is highly engaged and eager to use their PROskore to do business.
    Klout profiles (the majority) have been imported from Twitter.  Most people on Klout are unaware that they even have Klout.
  2. PROskore scoring is about measuring professional reputation*.
    Klout scoring is about measuring social influence.
  3. PROskore is a business network that benefits everyone who is trying to sell.
    Klout is a rating system designed to benefit large advertisers.
In other words...
On Klout, your score benefits Klout.   
On PROskore, your score benefits YOU!

* As discussed in a prior blog post, the PROskore scoring algorithm is designed to verify a persons professional reputation.  The score is determined by a combination of:  1). Social Influence - with particular emphasis placed on activity happening on LinkedIn and Facebook Fan Pages  2). Professional Background - with emphasis on past work and educational experiences  3). Activity happening on PROskore - including recommendations received and connections made.

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