Wednesday, October 19, 2011

It's All Relative

We've been receiving questions from a number of members asking us about their PROskore.  The question I have been hearing the most is, "What constitutes a good score?"  The answer:

It's All Relative

The first thing you need to understand about PROskore is that each score has it's own context. Similar to a test in school that is graded on a curve, there are members with high scores (and low) who determine the overall ranking (and context) of each person's score.

For example, a web designer in New York City with a score of 45 is quite different than a web designer in Valdosta, GA with the same score.  Chances are, the web designer in New York City is competing with thousands of other web designers who have the potential to raise the bar.  Therefore, his/her score of 45, although better than the global PROskore average of 22 (currently), may not rank high among other web designers in New York City who are scoring in the 70's.  Whereas a score of 45 for the web designer in Valdosta, GA may rank him/her in the top 10 by virtue of less overall competition in that region.

Additionally, the degree to which a region and/or industry is social media savvy can play a large role in understanding the context of a score.  For example, Internet Marketers in San Jose, CA are inherently going to have much higher scores than Insurance Agents in Lexington, KY.  The marketers in San Jose are probably early adopters and heavy users of Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Klout, etc... Remember, outside influence plays a role in determining an overall PROskore.

When viewing a persons profile it is also important to take the time to view their PROskore Score Card (graph)  The PROskore Score Card provides an illustration of how that persons score ranks in the context of the overall PROskore network of 125,000 members and how they compare to other members in their region.

Lastly, knowing what the average PROskore across the entire network is at any given time (currently 22*), is a good way to gauge how active a member is.  Chances are, if their score is below the current average, they have not completed the basic steps required to begin earning points (i.e. completed basic profile information, etc.).  In other words, you're probably better off spending time reaching out to members who have above average scores.

*Note:  A large percentage of our 125,000 members have yet to complete the new Profile Wizard.  Completing the wizard is what begins the scoring process for members who joined PROskore prior to our new scoring algorithm.  PROskore will soon begin encouraging these members to complete the Profile Wizard. Consequently, the overall average of the network should increase.

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