Thursday, November 17, 2011

What Next?

One of the questions that keeps popping up in my inbox from new members is the question of 'What Next?'  Meaning, now that they've completed their PROskore profile and established a baseline score, what exactly are they supposed to do with it?

That's a great question, and perhaps something we need to make more obvious on the website. One of the challenges we face with building our platform is information overload.  On the one hand we want to make the sign-up process as simple as possible, while on the other hand we want people to understand all of the reasons they should be doing it in the first place. It's tricky.

Above all else, your #1 goal should be to use your score
to generate new business for yourself.

Here are 5 things I would do right now:
  1. Build your LOCAL professional graph.  Begin identifying people you know who are already on PROskore. We've made this process easy by suggesting the Top PRO's in your region.  By spending a few minutes determining who you know and don't know, you'll quickly build your professional graph locally. Remember, most business is done locally.

    'Knowing' someone on PROskore is our version of 'connecting'.  When you say you know someone, they receive an email notification asking them to confirm whether they know you.  Once confirmed, you are both in each others network.  The more people in your network, the larger your footprint inside of PROskore.  The larger your footprint, the more recommendations you are likely to receive.  The more recommendations you receive, the more your score is likely to increase.

    Also, invite people you know outside of PROskore to join you on PROskore.  Again, the larger your network (footprint), the more people there are to recommend you, and so on.

  2. Tell the PROskore community what you NEED.  Think about the types of services you are in the market for (or industries you typically partner with) and we will match you up to other members who do waht you need AND who have also indicated that they need what you sell.  Each time there is a 'match', PROskore will send you an alert letting you know that there is a LEAD waiting for you.

  3. Follow Up with LEADS.  The whole idea of joining PROskore and establishing a score is to help yourself generate business.  Dont' sit back and wait for opportunities to come to you.  Login everyday and use PROskore as a sales engine.

  4. PROMOTE Your Profile.  Share it with your colleagues on other networks.  For example, when you earn a badge highlighting an accomplishment (e.g. Top 100 PRO), Tweet about it!

  5. VERIFY Your Profile.  Consider verifying your profile by becoming a PRO+ Member.  Doing so, establishes additional credibility in the eyes of other PROskore members by confirming your authenticity.  Also, we'll do some nice SEO work on your profile to get it ranked on Google - which has the potential to market your business outside of PROskore.  This is a great way to improve your reputation across the Internet.

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