Thursday, November 10, 2011

PROskore Badges: This Is Not A Game

Late last week we unveiled our first wave of PROskore badges.  The badges are designed to highlight member accomplishments  both past and present.   The purpose of the badges are two-fold:

  1. Badges Bring Context to a PROskore.  For example, when viewing the profile of a person with a 'Twitter PRO' badge, it's safe to assume that they are influential on Twitter.  Or, if someone is listed as a 'Networking PRO', one can assume that person is very connected.

  2. Badges Bring Credibility to a Profile.   Much like a decorated military official, badges offer a great way to make a positive first impression.
Unlike the typical 'fun' badges that can be earned across other networks, PROskore badges have been designed to be straight-forward and professional.  PROskore badges can also be shared across other networks, websites, blogs and more.  Below is a list of the first 8 badges that can be earned.  We plan to create more in the coming weeks.

Earn a Facebook PRO badge by having over 2,000 Fans on your Fan Page
Earn a LinkedIn PRO badge by having 500+ Connections on LinkedIn.
Earn a Twitter PRO badge by having over 5,000 Followers on Twitter
Earn a Klout PRO badge by having a score of 70+ on your Klout Profile
Earn a YouTube badge when you have 1,000+ subscribers to your channel
Earn a Networking badge when you've connected to 100+ PROskore members.
Earn a Top Local badge by being ranked in the Top 100 for your city.
Earn an Ambassador badge for inviting more than 100 people to join PROskore.

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