Friday, November 4, 2011

PROskore Turns 1 (month)

It's hard to believe that 30 days have gone by since the official launch of PROskore on October 4th.  A lot has happened including everything from major feature enhancements to some amazing press coverage by three of the largest tech publications in the world (TechCrunch,  Mashable and VentureBeat) - with others soon to follow.  In a few short weeks we've gone from obscurity to becoming the #1 platform for measuring professional reputation in the world.  It goes without saying, we have a huge opportunity in front of us.

The publicity has allowed us to receive feedback from thousands of new PROskore members, as well as members of the media as they help shape our place in the industry.  It's becoming clear that much like the early days (2003) of social networking (Facebook vs. LinkedIn), the lines are being drawn between measuring 'social influence' and 'professional reputation' (Klout vs. PROskore).  While one offers a potential benefit to large advertisers trying to reach consumers, the other (PROskore) has the potential to benefit everyone in business.  

It's been a busy 30 days.  Below are some of the highlights:

  • Know vs. Connect:  PROskore is the first online business network to quantify the old adage, 'Who You Know'.  Part of that process is changing the way people interact on our network.  We've replaced the act of 'connecting' with 'knowing'.  This type of interaction has the ability to create an entirely new dimension to a persons overall PROskore.

  • Badges:  As promised, PROskore has rolled out it's first wave of badges designed to bring context to a persons score.  The badges also bring attention to a persons popularity on other networks.  Current badges include: Networking PRO, Top 100 Ranking by Region, LinkedIn PRO, Twitter PRO, Facebook Fan Page PRO, Ambassador, Klout PRO, and YouTube PRO.  At least 10 more badges are currently under construction.

  • PROmos (coming soon):  PROskore is exploring the idea of providing special business related benefits (called PROmos) to targeted members based on their PROskore.  Our goal is to offer meaningful opportunities without compromising the overall goal of the network which is to help everyone do business.  Stay tuned.

  • Detailed Rankings:  Members can now quickly see where their PROskore ranks them within their region as well as across their industry.  We also make it easy for them to promote their score/ranking across Twitter, Facebook, etc.

  • Facebook Fan Page Integration:  We are placing a far greater emphasis on a persons Facebook Fan Page to determine their PROskore.  Fan pages are typically a much better measurement of business activity than the Facebook Profile.

  • Traffic Rankings:  We've made some nice moves on Alexa going from a global ranking of over 2,000,000 to 59,000 (currently) in just one month.  Our internal reports show a similar trend.

  • API (coming soon):  Our development team is beginning to work on an API.  We've already received requests and foresee a time in the near future where we have enough density to form strategic partnerships in this way.

  • 100% Opt-In:  In light of the recent backlash experienced by Klout, we've reaffirmed our position of being an opt-in platform.  Additionally, we've provided some significant insight into the make-up of our scoring system.

  • UI:  Probably our biggest weakness at this point... we're working overtime to enhance the look and feel of the site to make it simple and engaging.  We've made some serious improvements just this week, but we're far from where we plan to be.
All this... and not a single Ph.D. on our staff of three.  :)
(inside joke)

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