Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Learning Is Fun

Last week we were discussing a creative way to educate our members about how our scoring system works.  As our production team finalizes a short video tutorial due to be released next week, we thought it could be effective to do something fun. Enter PRO vs. PRO.
PRO vs. PRO compares two former titans of business to determine who has (or would have) had the higher PROskore.  For our first match-up we've created PROskore profiles for Dave Thomas (Founder of Wendy's) and Ray Kroc (CEO of McDonald's).  

As with every profile on our network the foundation for the score begins with analyzing past (and current) work experience and educational experience as well as business related social media influence (Twitter, Facebook Fan Pages, YouTube channels, etc.).  This left us with the third aspect to our score - PROskore activity and recommendations.  To accomplish this aspect of the scoring, we're leaving it up to the PROskore community to vote (recommend) who they feel was the bigger PRO.

Heading into the voting stage, Ray held a 3 point lead over Dave due in large part to McDonald's social media advantage over Wendy's.  That being said, Dave did create the 'Where's the Beef?' campaign that to this day still goes viral. But, will that be enough to overcome Ray's fast food dominance?   Go Vote!  http://www.proskore.com/prov1.cfm

Up Next:  Sam Walton vs. Walt Disney

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