Wednesday, January 4, 2012

PROskore Scores Big Becoming First Social Measurement Platform To Go Mobile

A few weeks ago, PROskore released version 1 of our iPhone and Android apps.  Chances are, you missed the announcement.  The reason... there was no announcement.  In the midst of everything else we've been doing, we forgot to mention it.

To make matters worse, PROskore is the first social measurement platform to release a mobile application.

In hindsight it's easy to understand how we missed this opportunity.  Up until now we've been focused like a laser on member growth and user experience on the desktop.  Mobile was something we were working on in the background as part of the overall big picture.  In fact, for our mobile plans to work effectively (we have some really cool stuff in the works) it's important that we first capture mind share within the business community by reaching a critical mass.  It's a cart before the horse thing...

So now that we've gotten the big announcement out of the way... here's some details on a few of the things you can do with v1 of PROskore mobile for iPhone and Android:
  • Follow Up With Leads - Contact members of PROskore who have indicated they are looking to buy what you sell.
  • Communicate To Your Network - Access member phone numbers and email addresses 'on the go'.
  • Post Your Needs - Tell the network what you need and create more opportunities for PROskore to send you leads (see how it works here).
  • Access Your Inbox - Accept Invitations to Connect, Respond to Messages sent to you from other members.
  • Use Your Profile - Show off your score.  Leverage your professional reputation at events, with vendors and more.

Screenshots of the PROskore mobile app:

To download the PROskore mobile app, simply type 'PROskore' into Apple iTunes or Android Marketplace.

Also, keep an eye out for updates to the PROskore mobile app in the coming months.  Look for some useful location based functionality and the ability to leverage your score with local merchants.

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