Thursday, December 29, 2011

Shared Needs = Leads

PROskore is an online business network that uses professional reputation scoring to organize and rank the worlds professionals.  What makes our platform more effective than any other social network in the world is our ability to generate real business opportunities for our members by matching them up with one another based on shared needs.  We call this professional matchmaking system 'PROskore Leads'.  Here's how it works:

When completing (and updating) your profile, indicate WHAT YOUR BUSINESS SELLS and WHAT YOUR BUSINESS NEEDS.  Our system will then use this information to match you up to other members based on shared needs.  In other words, for a lead to be generated in PROskore their MUST be a mutual opportunity for both people.

PRO+ members are given first access to new leads and are encouraged to respond to each opportunity through our internal messaging system.  Lead messages typically have a much higher rate of response than a typical invitation to connect due to the strong possibility of actual business being generated based on the shared needs.

Here are the Top 5 Tips for how to use PROskore as a lead generation tool for your business:
  1. Complete the Profile Wizard and indicate up to five (5) categories of business that you provide.
  2. Complete the Profile Wizard and indicate up to five (5) categories of business that you are in need of.
  3. Increase your score. Higher scores get first crack at new leads as they're generated. Ways to improve your score include:  1). linking all of your social networks, 2). entering your professional background, 3). getting recommendations from other members, and 4). verifying your profile by becoming a PRO+ Member.
  4. Login on a weekly basis, check your lead inbox, and follow up with each lead.
  5. Continue updating your profile with new 'needs'.
Start using PROskore for more than just networking and reputation management... use it for what your business really needs... LEADS!

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