Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Become a PRO at PROskore

Looking for an edge over your competition?  You're in luck.  Over the next few weeks our Co-Founder & CEO, Bill Jula will be facilitating a series of fast-paced 30 minute webinars that will teach you how to leverage PROskore to enhance your professional reputation and generate new business.  The 'How To Use PROskore' webinars will cover the following topics:
  • How To Create An Effective Profile
  • Why Your Online Professional Reputation Is Important
  • What PROskore Measures (i.e. our scoring algorithm)
  • How To Improve Your Score
  • Using Your Score To Generate Business Leads
  • How To Navigate The Network
  • What It Means To Become A PRO+ Member (i.e. Verification)
  • The difference between PROskore and other measurement platforms / networks
  • Q & A

Whether you are a PROskore rookie or a seasoned veteran, this webinar is guaranteed to provide you with valuable insight.  Best of all it's free... and can be learned from the comfort of your office!

To sign-up for an upcoming PROskore webinar visit: www.proskore.com/webinar.cfm

See you there!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

PROskore Power Rankings - Tax Preparation

  One of the primary benefits of the PROskore scoring system in the context of online business networking is the ability for our members to quickly filter search results across a number of variables including: Industry, Geography, Needs, Wants, Affiliations, Education, Keywords, and more.

In this sense, PROskore makes the networking experience more efficient by allowing you to focus your energy on people that have real potential either because they 1). are engaged  2). they have influence 3). have what you need (and vice versa).  As promised a few weeks ago, we will continue to demonstrate our search capabilities by showcasing a variety of Top 25 Rankings across each of these variables.  Given that today is the deadline for filing taxes here in the U.S., we've chosen to highlight the Top 25 PROskore members who have indicated they are experts in Tax Preparation.  

You have until midnight EST.  If you find yourself running a bit behind, reach out to one of these reputable professionals!

The Top 25 Tax Preparers on PROskore:

Daniel Stoica from Daniel StoicaDaniel Stoica
Daniel Stoica
Roscoe IL USA
Randal Dehart from Business Consulting and AccountingRandal Dehart
Business Consulting and Accounting
Lynnwood WA USA
Nela Krangle from ''Mason J. Krangle, CPA, PFS, MBA, ChFC''Nela Krangle
''Mason J. Krangle, CPA, PFS, MBA, ChFC''
Arvada CO USA
Fred Lake from BuPro USAFred Lake
Slidell LA USA
Mitch Helfer from CPAMiamiMitch Helfer
Miami FL USA
Jean-Philippe Chetcuti from Chetcuti Cauchi AdvocatesJean-Philippe Chetcuti
Chetcuti Cauchi Advocates
Valletta MT
Dennis DeWitt from Global eBusiness, IncDennis DeWitt
Global eBusiness, Inc
Brazil BR
Toni Hunter from George HayToni Hunter
George Hay
Huntingdon, Cambs UK
Joseph L. Rosenberg from Joseph L. Rosenberg CPAJoseph L. Rosenberg
Joseph L. Rosenberg CPA
Florham Park NJ USA
Gary LaRoy from Natural Path ManagementGary LaRoy
Natural Path Management
Old Hickory TN USA
Michael McCormick from MJ McCormick, LLC - Cincy Tax CoachMichael McCormick
MJ McCormick, LLC - Cincy Tax Coach
Nicolas Liu from Asking CPANicolas Liu
Asking CPA
Silver Spring MD USA
Bouraiman Koné from Africa Records, NGO / Challenger Associates ConsulBouraiman Koné
Africa Records, NGO / Challenger Associates Consul
Abidjan CI
Gustavo Viera from Gustavo A Viera CPAGustavo Viera
Gustavo A Viera CPA
Miami FL USA
Brad Merrill from Brad Merrill

Sandy UT USA
Greg Dewald from Bright!TaxGreg Dewald
New York NY USA
Chirulli'S C.C.A. & Payroll Firm
Martina Franca IT
Linda Mustric from Jockey Person to PersonLinda Mustric
Jockey Person to Person
Gahanna OH USA
John Lafferty from CFO-ProJohn Lafferty
Naperville IL USA
Susan Talafous from SLT Enterprises LLCSusan Talafous
SLT Enterprises LLC
Phoenix AZ USA
Sharon Francis-Campbell from Arrow BookkeepingSharon Francis-Campbell
Arrow Bookkeeping
Sarasota FL USA
Gunther Grewe from Dr. Grewe & Partner LLPGunther Grewe
Dr. Grewe & Partner LLP
Marina Diner from Suplee & Shea, PAMarina Diner
Suplee & Shea, PA
Stacey Poole from SP Payroll and Tax ServicesStacey Poole
SP Payroll and Tax Services
Columbus OH USA
victoria mason from Cardens Accountants LLPvictoria mason
Cardens Accountants LLP
Hove UK

Thousands of new members are joining PROskore each week.  Be sure to login regularly to check your leads and discover new opportunities to connect with people who have a solid reputation and the ability to help you spread the word about your business (i.e. influence).

Begin Your Search Now >>
(Note:  You may need to login)

Good Luck!

Monday, April 9, 2012

PROmote Your PROskore

Stop for a minute and think about the amount of hours and resources it's taken you over the years to establish your professional reputation.  If you're like most active members of PROskore you've earned an advanced degree (85%), held multiple management level jobs (70%), started your own company (65%), convinced at least a few hundred people to follow you on social media (90%), and earned the recommendations of multiple people on LinkedIn and/or PROskore (70%).  That's some serious time and effort!

Now, what if there was a way to promote all of these accomplishments from a single source?   

Look no further than PROskore.  We've made it real easy to promote your accomplishments in multiple ways by offering embed code, share buttons and custom hyperlinks that link back to ALL of your achievements via your PROskore profile. 

Here's a few examples of how to quickly 'toot your own horn':
  1. PROskore Profile:  Share it. Link to it. Embed it.
  2. PROskore Industry Ranking:  Share it. Link to it.
  3. PROskore Location Ranking:  Share it.  Link to it.
  4. PROskore Affiliation Ranking:  Share it.  Link to it. (click on affiliation logo)
  5. PROskore College Ranking:  Share it.  Link to it. (click on college logo)
  6. PROskore Achievement Badges:  Share them.  Embed them.

Here's a great example of a PROskore member that 'gets it'.  He's not only shared his score (and ranking) across social media every chance he gets, but he's also taken the time to write about it and highlight it on his blog, website and more.  Whether he's truly the second best social media expert in the world is irrelevant.  He's been validated in the eyes of a third-party rating system (PROskore) - which gives him instant credibility in the eyes of potential clients.  This is not much different than an automaker promoting their Consumer Reports ranking to attract new customers.   

So start promoting your PROskore.  You've earned it.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Fun Rankings

As you know, PROskore has been designed as a marketing tool to be used primarily by business professionals to network and generate new business.  In that way, our scoring algorithm helps members of PROskore filter through the opportunities presented to them by allowing them to focus their time on other professionals who have a strong professional reputation.

That being said, the PROskore scoring algorithm can also be used to rank all sorts of high profile professionals across many different types of industries.  For example, we recently scored and ranked all of the coaches taking part in this years NCAA tournament.  Doing so, allowed the world to better understand which coaches are taking advantage of social media.  Similarly, we scored and ranked all the Congressman in the state of Florida (we are headquartered in FL)... to learn more about which local politicians are using social media to their advantage.

So far, we've created about five of these 'fun' ranking charts... and have recently added them to the PROskore website - where we'll continue to add more in the coming weeks.  If you have an idea for a group we should score, let us know!