Monday, April 2, 2012

Fun Rankings

As you know, PROskore has been designed as a marketing tool to be used primarily by business professionals to network and generate new business.  In that way, our scoring algorithm helps members of PROskore filter through the opportunities presented to them by allowing them to focus their time on other professionals who have a strong professional reputation.

That being said, the PROskore scoring algorithm can also be used to rank all sorts of high profile professionals across many different types of industries.  For example, we recently scored and ranked all of the coaches taking part in this years NCAA tournament.  Doing so, allowed the world to better understand which coaches are taking advantage of social media.  Similarly, we scored and ranked all the Congressman in the state of Florida (we are headquartered in FL)... to learn more about which local politicians are using social media to their advantage.

So far, we've created about five of these 'fun' ranking charts... and have recently added them to the PROskore website - where we'll continue to add more in the coming weeks.  If you have an idea for a group we should score, let us know!

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