Friday, February 17, 2012

Jeremy Lin Scores 79 on PROskore

Earlier this week I spent a few days in New York City attending Social Media Week. I used the week to make a few in-roads into the NY technology scene... and quite frankly to re-energize my batteries (it gets lonely down here in Florida).  In short, I met lots of cool people doing lots of cool stuff.  Mayor Bloomberg's goal of NYC surpassing Silicon Valley as the "go to" location for high tech startups may well be within reach.  I know we (PROskore) are taking a hard look...

My biggest memory of Social Media Week however will be the emergence of Jeremy Lin as an NBA superstar and global icon.  He's literally all anyone in New York (and around the world) has been talking about.  Twitter and other social networks are awash in Lin-sanity.  According to General Sentiment, Lin generated nearly 3 million mentions on Twitter in less than one week. Think about it... that's an increase of 3 million Lin mentions from the week before (i.e. he basically had none!).  

No other athlete has ever illustrated the power of social media so quickly.  Not Tebow, Lebron, Brady... In other words, 
Lin is the poster boy for Social Media Week in New York City.  It was great to be there when it happened.

Okay, so we know Lin is lighting up NBA scoreboards.  But how does he fare on the PRO skoreboard?  I thought you'd never ask.  :)

View Jeremy Lin's PROskore profile here

Lin By The Numbers:

Twitter Followers:   400,000
Facebook Fans:  700,000
YouTube Views:  4,600,000
LinkedIn Connections:  49 (there's discrepancy over whether the profile is actually Lin's)
Google+ Followers:  NA
Highest Degree Earned:  Bachelors in Economics (Harvard)
Work Experience:  Point Guard for the New York Knicks
Earned Extra Points For:   Dropping 38 on Kobe and the Lakers
Klout Score:  83

PROskore = 79

For more information about the impact Lin is having on social media check out:

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